The Beginning...


I just want to begin by saying that I am absolutely thrilled to have my mother as a business partner. The countless people I have told that YES, my mother and I  do in fact WORK together! I get a "Really!? I could never work with my mom! How is it?" All I can do is laugh and say; You know what! I happen to really like her, she's pretty cool (as a mom, business partner and best friend), PLUS an uber creative designer and also window treatment fabricator!!

If you know my mother I am sure you will agree. :)

So in saying all of that...

The past 5 months have been incredibly amazing.

It began in April when I graduated from design school (!!!) The day after I graduated from college, my mom and I were off ti High Point to get this business party started! It was an awesome time, and made us realize even more how MUCH there is out there as far as home furnishings, accessories, lighting and decor. We were anxious (and still are) to get busy with design projects! It's like there is so much creativity inside of us pushing to get out. Dramatic much? I think not. It's true! I am sure so many other designers feel this way too.

In May, Stelly & Oscar was "officially" a business. We also went to Paris and Rome in May which was an inspiring start to the summer of a budding design business. 

Pretty quickly we got a few projects and are currently working on some new exciting things to happen in the not too far off future, so keep your eye out!

We are so excited to keep moving forward, growing as a business, and building relationships along the way!

Thanks for stopping by and if you hear of anyone who needs an interior designer please send them our way and we would be glad to take care of it. We love referrals!

A summer recap in photos. Follow us on instagram to see more!

Some favorites at High Point!

Some favorites at High Point!

A visit to MERCI in Paris

A visit to MERCI in Paris