The evolution of a room

Well, Good morning from "Chiberia" ladies and gentleman! It's a toasty -15 degrees with a windchill of -40.

Let's look on the bright side...It is sunny out. So sitting inside gives the illusion that it's practically summer! ;)

Anyway, Today I was sitting and appreciating my living room. You see, it's not just a living room, but also an office, dining room, and a reading area...corner. Finding a way to make it cozy and cohesive without being crowded has been a small challenge for me over the past 2 years. Luckily I have an awesome husband who appreciates everything I change in here as long as there is an end in sight ;) ;)

Here are some photos of the changes since October 2011.


The very beginnings of our new place. Curtains were already there, but we had the floors refinished, and painted everything that could be painted. 


The mantle changes at least once a month. I love having a mantle that I can play with! Ours is a little shallow right now. I'd love to eventually make it deeper. We also want to add built- ins on either side- MAYBE. 


My "office" Started pretty simple. I actually love having it out in the open. I had it in the 2nd bedroom before and felt so far from the action...even when no one was home. Not sure how that works ;) You can see the TV to the right with the shelf piece. It definitely served as a functional piece. I love having a pretty mantle and so far have refused to change that. However if we do the built-ins in the future this could change.


This one brings me back. Don't mind...anything in this photo. I  just wanted to give an idea of the space at the beginning. The light, the wardrobe, the massive blank back wall. The wardrobe has been so awesome for that extra storage, but is such a BLOCK that it sort of throws off the space. The light needed to go, but stayed for a year at least! We finally put the wardrobe in our garage, took one of the mirrors out and moved the bookshelf, which you will see later..


The wardrobe lived here for a long time. I basically treated the far side of the room as the living room, trying to divide the spaces visually. The art on the back wall throws it off a bit, but that little area was our place to set keys, dog stuff and shoes underneath. It was also the center of the room so it did make sense when you saw it from other views of the room. 


Andddd....The dining room. Light upgrade. I struggled between big statement chandelier or modern and simple. Ultimately with 3 rooms in one, I went simple. Sometimes I would love a statement light here, but i love the simplicity. The Table I have had for 5 years and won't change it until we move someday. It ultimately is the perfect size, and chairs and a rug can make a big difference, and I love white. "X" chairs gotta go though. Same with the leopard rug. I love it, but needs to change.


Another furniture change.


And another.

Check out our gallery page for the newest version of my happy home.